Mustang Nation

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What you get

*Everything! Our teams will meet all your baseball and softball needs.
*Unlimited practice schedule all year. At least 4 days a week during the season and 6-7 days a week January-March. 200 plus days of practice!
*Practice and game uniform
*High School players: We help you with the college process. If you want to play in college, we will get you there.
*Unlimited renting during off hours.

What we want from you
*Responsible athletes that work hard and want to get better.
*Players and parents who are committed to getting better and putting the time in.

We encourage you to play other sports. There is plenty of time for you to come to us throuout the year. If you are not playing another sport we expect you to be working out with us.

Game Schedule


Tournaments: At least 4 tournaments will be scheduled throughout the season
Summer (league games and tournaments): 35-40 games
Fall: 10-12 games
Total games: 45-50

15U-18U (HS players)

Summer (June and July)
League games or tournaments (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Total games: 30-40

During the season: At least four days of practice will be available. Plan to come to at least 3 practices a week during the season.
Off-season: Play another sport! If you are not playing another sport we expect you to be working out with us.

Practice and game fields
TBA: Home game fields will be located in Niles, Skokie and Edgebrook.

Parent help

Charts during games: Pitching, catching, QAB (quality at bats) and much more.
During practice: Grounders and batting practice throwers.

Team Payments